Mr and Mrs Hardy

♪ Sing ballad singer raise a hearty tune.

The writer Thomas Hardy was a goodsinger.

He could also play the fiddle and as ayoung man he even took social dancing lessons.

So perhaps with that in mind it seems less unlikely that we have written amusical about Thomas Hardy and his happy courtship and stormy marriage to hisfirst wife Emma Gifford Hardy.

Hi I'm Dee Nelson librettist.

And I'm EllenMandel composer.

and during our short video you'll be hearing some excerptsfrom some of the songs sung by the wonderful Jessica Crandall.

♪ Out of the past there rises a week.

Who shall tell the years O! Out of the past there rises a week When hearts were strung too tight to speak.

And even though Thomas Hardy is bestknown as the author of novels such as Tess of the d'Urbervilles, Far from theMadding Crowd, etc.

, he considered himself primarily a poet and he wrote a lot ofhis greatest poems about Emma.

So we're using some of those as well as otherpoems from among his 900-plus poems as the lyrics to the songs in the musical.

Working on a project like this nothing is more useful than to hear itout loud performed by wonderful actor/ singers and musicians.

Yes and the reasonwe're coming to you is that it costs money to be able to pay these wonderfulpeople and to allow us to sit on the other side where you are sitting and seewhat it is we've got because it's very hard to tell when you're in the middleof actually playing with someone who's singing beautifully.

It's really a necessary step in the development.

So we're looking to raisefunds to pay the actor/singers and to pay for studio space and to paymusicians to get us to the next level on our way to production ♪ Can it be you that I hear? Let me view you, then, Standing as when I drew near to the town.

Where you would wait for me, wait for me: yes, as I knew you then.

we're hoping you'll join us in thefurther steps for our musical Mr.

and Mrs.



working title.

Thank you so much for considering this.

Thank you for listening ♪ Sing balladsinger, sing ballad singer, sing ballad singer.


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