Far From the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy

hello fair viewers and welcome to another episode today I'm going to be talking about far from the madding crowd byThomas Hardy I just read this a few hours ago and I'mgoing to try and keep this concise because I'm fullto the brim with things that could be saying in this video but I'm going to try to keep this as short as I can suffice to say I i love it so much it'smy favorite Hardy so far I've tried to read Tess of the D'Urbervilles andMayor of Casterbridge and it can really get into that but thisis his most accessible work list my opinion I like strong independent female characters I mean I'mwearing this shirt for a reason and this book delivers soour main protagonist is Bathsheba Everdeene if that name doesn't entice you to read this book I really don't know what will So Bathsheba Everdeen inherits a large fortune from her uncle she inherits a farm in a small town called Weatherbury which is very farming areashe has three men who work for her fall in love with herThe first one we have is Gabriel Oak, he real is this reliable quiet simple farmer man and sheppard and he falls in lovewith her but she says no cuz she got time for theman's she's got the whole world is an oyster then she has Boldwood an older gentleman with a lot of moneywho falls madly and almost obsessively in lovewith her and said she doesn't feel the sameway she kinda doesn't wanna hurt his feelings forher keeps saying well maybe just give mesome time to think about loving you ah and we'll get back to it and thirdly we have mister bad boy Sergeant Troy which if you know the nameTroy means soldier so he's SergeantSoldier! that's how about last year's a but he'salso quite reckless her and quite inconsiderate times I feellike all these characters are very flawed but cheaper is critical in judgmental a she makes released you could bookCulliver livable mistakes I just feel like I connected toher more than I have to a character in along time are at my favorite aspect that I thinkme and her share a is start something wrong happens in her love life a she turns to herfriend me id lady and is just like you need toget me all the romantic books that I O we need to just hi aid in an ironic for a day or so to get over this rightgirl I get you okay home so she back yourselfup for the world little bit I feel like thesmaller side characters for done very well that were described excellently and you really get thissense of community in whether Fri and it's it's just done fantasticallywell I think something that would be a littlebit intimidating to a newcomer to hearty is that a lotabout is written in the farmer dialect a slut gets up to be a little bit hard upjust under eventually it seems easier and easierhum and something that is also intimidatinga beautiful negative is the extensive meandering into farmers and what they do on the farm and a how you're supposed to shear sheep or keep a field %uh which is interesting I will get a role but eventually justkinda want to go back to the pot I need a slut why do I need to know butwhat they used to do in the eighteen hundreds I don't care that far but not much I'm but it is like a time capsule because those few things might not be done thesame way anymore that's always interesting to learn areso even though it's a tentative it's also a positive in a way and the meandering always house approachto the plot it's not just put in there kind of likelyn is where they'll just be like here are a hundred pages about the inner workings the French sewer system known forsomething completely different these actually house like a meaning in the story eventually most the timeher all the characters your brother flowed a but I really like this likablecharacters that makes them feel very human and even more believable down if therewere to be perfect all the time and I really could go on but the spoke forso much longer a feel like haven't said anything up tostill very on eloquent roughly but just trust me onthis one read it love it like I do I'm I now havea good read scarred have given this 5 stars you can pull meand be friends with me on good reads I think may use any im is theaters picture or will come up underthe honorary mccormick ok put liked about politics video willbe the rather ship it tied sometime in the next week I'll and happy reading.

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